Monday, December 8, 2014

The Reason For The Season

This is my first year blogging, so none of you readers know how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Okay, so I'm giving a fair warning if you are Grinch or Scrooge, you (hopefully) won't be after I get done with you!

Yes, you will be too!

If you somehow missed from all the commercials around Christmas time and emphasis on finding just the right gift for each loved one, Christams has the potential to be a stressful holiday for some. With the emphasis on consumerism and the materialistic time that we live in, this time of year can be challenging. But it also has the potential to be the most wonderful time of the year!

How do you make sure that the option that is encompassing you is Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year?


Remember the true meaning of Christmas! And what might that be? you ask as you look at the wishlists, budget, and to do list beside you. Well, that my dear friends is easy - 

JESUS! As we start hearing Christmas songs, decorating our Christmas trees, and hearing a little bell ringing in front of each store - we must think of the true meaning of Christmas and what each of those things mean (more on this coming later). God loved the world so much that he sent down his one and only son to earth, to show us how to love and have a relationship with God, to pay the ultimate sacrifice and save us from our sins, to bring joy and peace to all. 

So instead of worrying about presents and stress, let's focus on Jesus Christ! Let's focus on the love, joy, peace, wonder, and happiness that is always so bright during the holiday season, when people tend to be a little kinder and, well giving - not necessarily of gifts, but of themselves. Show more unexpected kindness, give a little to someone truly in need, be a Christmas miracle for someone else like Jesus is for all of us! Spend time with your family for the best gift is time spent with you, not the most expensive gift you could afford to buy them. Take joy in baking, decorating, giving for the right reason, singing Christmas songs with true feeling, etc. this Christmas - that's how it's meant to be!
There are more Christmas posts coming!
How do you feel about the true meaning of Christmas and how it can so easily be overlooked in today's society? 

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