Friday, December 19, 2014

The Christmas Eve Kiss by Taylor Hart

The Christmas Eve Kiss: A Snow Valley Christmas RomanceThe Christmas Eve Kiss: A Snow Valley Christmas Romance by Taylor Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary
Molly O’Hare gets the utterly ridiculous prediction that she will kiss her true love on Christmas Eve. But when she returns to Snow Valley and comes face to face with Kevin Snow, suddenly the kiss thing seems…a lot less ridiculous. Too bad the reason she left still has the power to make her deny her real feelings. Now Molly is left with a choice—forget the home town and the boy that she never quit loving or let Christmas work out a miracle all on its own.

My Review
The Christmas Eve Kiss is a beautiful story of second chances and Christmas spirit. Molly never quite got over Kevin Snow, and when she took off out of town to pursue her business goals she determined never get Kevin off her mind and write off love.

Her focus was completely on her business at the beginning of the story and she had a hatred for all things Christmas. She also refused to go home, to Snow Valley, for the holidays. All of that changes when her dad became ill and she had to go home for the holidays. Enter a changed and sweet Kevin Snow, an infusion of the true Christmas spirit, family, Snow Valley, God's Guidance, and you've got yourself a story to remember.

The Christmas Eve Kiss will bring tears to your eyes as you read about Molly's journey to second chances, love, following God's plan, and finding out what love and Christmas are all about. This book will inspire and make the guidance of the Christmas star shine a little brighter.

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