Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wonderland Weekend - Believe

Wonderland Weekend is a feature where I pick a topic about how stories take us to "another world." Each month I have a new topic and will write about it every weekend of that month or just one or two weekends (whatever I feel like/have time for/can come up with). I would love for you to join me, so feel free to write about this topic at any time throughout the month and link it back to me - just have fun with it!
(These will usually be bookish posts but sometimes they'll be more of a discussion post)

December Topic: This is the wonderful and magically miraculous month of December where the spirit of love, hope, joy, and faith fills the air! Therefore, December Wonderland Weekend's will be filled with all things Christmas and books!


Christmas is a time to believe - to believe in the things unseen. With Christmas literally just around the corner people seem to find it easier to believe in these "things unseen," but I try to make it something I believe in all year round.

I am not talking about Santa Clause. No. I'm talking about Jesus Christ who was born on Christmas day, and is the whole reason for Christmas. I'm talking about angels and miracles. I'm talking about unconditional love, pure joy, unexpected kindness, pleasant peace. I'm talking about the feeling inside of your heart during this magical time of year when we find out, all over again, what true Christmas spirit is.

We read fictional books about Christmas miracles and angels coming to Earth to help us out when we're in need. We read fictional books about finding faith during Christmas and giving to those in need. We read fictional books filled with love, joy, and peace.
And we realize that these things don't have to only be fictional! 

I've heard so many people say that fiction is just fiction, it could never happen in real life. But I believe it can - if you just believe. Miracles do happen everyday, not just during Christmas. Maybe one will find you or someone you know - all you have to do is believe.

I want you all to slow down, remember the heart of Christmas. Find the wonder of a child, play in the snow, embrace your family, forgive, let love, joy, and hope encompass you. Sing Christmas songs, read Christmas books, watch Christmas movies and surround yourself with the heart of Christmas.

Believe, and don't miss out on the heart of Christmas.
Listen to this song, The Heart of Christmas by Matthew West, and feel the Heart of Christmas.

Then watch it with the video, and see a glimpse of a piece of the heart of Christmas (and I don't mean the movie, I mean the actual heart of Christmas). You might cry, I know I did and I know I wouldn't be able to watch the movie, but I love the song.


What does the heart of Christmas mean to you? What books that you have read have shown you the heart of Christmas (or at least a glimpse)?

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