Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Swoon Worthy

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.
This weeks topic: Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon. This will be a fun one! I also must say that I love books that make me smile and not be able to stop, and that literally make me say awwww at times!

Warning - Warining - Warining - These books are completely clean and totally swoon worthy! Prepare for nonstop smiles, laughs, and uncontrollable swooning! 

Torrent (River of Time, #3)Tiger's Curse (The Tiger Sa...  Grave Consequences (Grand Tour, #2)Edenbrooke   Blackmoore
The River of Time Series by Lisa Tawn Bergren - How can you read this series and not swoon at least once? I mean come on! Marcello is amazing, and I love the relationship between him and Gabriella - it was so sweet. The adventure and trials they went through, the perfect conversations and moments, were just such a great combination. Then Luca and Lia's relationship. I said aw quite a few times while reading this series!

The Tigers Curse Series by Colleen Houck - Ren - sigh. I must say that I was team Ren all the way! He was just so amazing! I loved Ren and Kelsey's conversations, sweet moments, how they worked together, and his actions spoke so much. This is a totally swoon worthy series!

The Grand Tour series by Lisa Tawn Bergren - Yes, she has a talent for writing swoon worthy male characters. Will was great, he was so kind and caring, but his strong faith in God was probably his best characteristic.

Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson - This is another book that made gave me a smile that I just couldn't hide! It was just so sweet, and had such great conversation and descriptions of scenery!

Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson - While Blackmoore broke my heart and made me cry, it also made me swoon. It was just so sad and sweet! He would do anything for her, but circumstances will pull them apart. Kind of a forbidden love, and the circumstances - you have to read it to understand.

The Merchant's DaughterThe Healer's ApprenticeThe Fairest BeautyThe Captive Maiden
Melanie Dickerson's books - All of Melanie Dickerson's fairy retellings - The Merchants daughter, The Healers Apprentice, The Fairest Beauty, and The Captive Maiden - have all made me swoon! The lead male characters are just so wonderful, have a strong faith in God, and their ability to rescue when needed most (not that the female characters need rescuing) and they all have their moments and great characteristics! Melanie Dickerson definitely has a talent!

The Season   The Selection (The Selection, #1)   Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3)   Violet Eyes 
The Season by Sarah McLean - The Season took place during the 1800s when they still had balls and wore pretty dresses, and rode in carriages. I loved how Alex and Gavin had history, their witty conversations and personalities were very entertaining and made me laugh out loud and smile! And the mystery was great!

Cress by Marissa Meyer - Between the relationships, Kai, Thorne, and Wolf definitely made me swoon at times with their clever remarks and sweet moments!

The Selection by Kiera Cassie - This book had some sweet moments, and I loved how the prince was so understanding. 

Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguie - This was a great retellings and I loved the relationship between the two main character! This was one if my favorites of the Once Upon A Time Series!


  1. Oh my, I can't believe I forgot about Cress in my list! That was definitely a swoon-worthy book. I NEED to read Dickerson's books because retellings? Amazing. Swoony retellings? EVEN MORE SO. Great list!

    1. Uh! How dare you! I love fairy tale retellings, and hers are definitely some of my favorite (ever)! You really should read them, and I hope you enjoy them!

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  3. Oh my word so many good swoony books!! I've read most of them, but now have to read the few I haven't.

    1. Glad it's not just me. Hope the ones you haven't read yet make you swoon too!


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