Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Love being a Blogger/Reader

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme posted by the Broke and the Bookish.
Topic: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

I just started blogging a month and four days ago (yes, exactly), but there are already so many things I love about it! I've been a reader of books since I was a baby - my parents say I always wanted to be read to-, and a reader of book blogs for at least three years.

I love to read - Reading is just such an amazing way to go places you have never been, explore new worlds, have adventures and experiences, and yes I will admit it (crazy as it may sound)  - make friends! Swooning over a character in a books so much more fun than swooning over one on TV! And I love getting to know the characters in books.

Takes me to a whole new place - Reading can take me anywhere, whether it's to a country I want to travel to, a time in the past, a time in the future, or a whole new world. 

Share my love of books with others - Okay. It's not like I don't have ANY friends that read, but I don't have very MANY that share my quirk. The other thing is that I have very different taste in books than the two friends I have that read the most. On my blog, I can share what I feel and think about the books I read. I'ts such a great feeling to share a new book with other people and make them want to read it!

Find new books - Reading a post on a blog is honestly how I discovered many of the books I have read or plan on reading, and definitely a huge help in deciding whether or not I wanted to read a certain book. Thank you to all of you amazing persuasive reviewers and your interesting and honest reviews!

Write - Not only do I love to read, but I also love to write. It's feels so nice to let out all of my thoughts and feelings about books into words, letting them flow onto my blog and into the brain of whoever wants to read them! Even if no one reads it, I still get a chance to write!

Meet new people - Maybe not literally, but still I meet new people that share my love for reading. I get to know quite a bit about their personalities by reading their blog posts/reviews, and any comments that they leave.
Which brings me to...

Getting Comments! - You know? Those wonderful gold stars that you used to get when you were little for doing a good job? When you're having a bad day and a friend makes you laugh or someone unexpectedly says something nice to you? Well, that's one of the great things about getting comments on my blog! They let me know that other people are reading and actually enjoying my reviews/posts, and that I might have done a good job on that post or said something that other bloggers/readers can interact with. It's such a great feeling! Plus it's a great way to talk about books, and make reading friends.

The memes - I love memes! They're just so fun to participate in and read! Some like Top Ten Tuesday I try to participate in every week, and some only occur once or twice a year, some are really unique, and they are all entertaining. Before I started blogging, I always wanted to participate in memes, but never did. I would think about what I would say in my mind, but that was it, so it has been really nice to participate.

Interviews - I love reading author interviews. Learning more about my favorite authors or reading answers from a characters point of view. I also love to give interviews (Okay, so, maybe I've only done one, and it won't even be published until Feb. 24, but I still enjoyed it)! 

Free books and getting to interact with authors - Before I started blogging, I didn't think I would get any free books, but I have (thanks to Netgalley, publishers, and authors)! I'ts so nice to get books to review for free. So much of my -and my dad's- money has been spent on books (I've been reading diligently since I was at least seven or eight). I love getting to interact with authors, whether they want to me read and review as book or do an interview!

What do you love about being a blogger/reader?