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The Movement of Kings by Nadine C. Keels

The Movement of Kings (Movement of Crowns #3)The Movement of Kings by Nadine C. Keels
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The Movement of KingsGoodreads Summary
The third and final chapter of the Movement of Crowns series.
The order of things, the nature of succession, and a nation that must march on…
At a time of political and cultural uncertainty, the charge of the Eubeltic Realm has been passed over to a young monarch known for his intelligence, agility, and brooding ways, as well as the “way” he has with vibrant ladies at court. Can this inexperienced king handle the current rise of domestic and colonial crises, the bereavement of his family, and his curious attraction to a councilman’s unassuming daughter, or is everything in his untried hands on the verge of falling apart?

My Review
This was an amazing series of novellas, and I was sorry to see that this is the last book. It made reading it bittersweet since I didn't want to say goodbye to Diachona and Munda. I really enjoyed the first two books and had high expectations for this one, needless to say that The Movement of Kings did not disappoint.

While the beginning was very sad (it was like losing a really great friend), I understand that the events in the book would not have been able to take place without it, and that it probably couldn't have been called The Movement of Kings. That being said, this was a wonderful coming of age story of love, intrigue, history, leadership, mystery, and much more.

One of the things that I really liked about this book/series, was the historical and cultural aspects of it. It had just the right balance of politics and (clean) romance, which can be really hard to achieve in any book. As a new king rises to throne, will cultural tensions rise to an all new high leading to another war, or will he find a way to bring back the peace that his parents had worked so hard for?

As for his true love, will she realize that he really does truly love her or will she forever be afraid that she's just another girl? Will she realize that she has what it takes to be a queen - his queen, his people's queen, her people's queen?

I recommend that this series be read in order by anyone who loves to read about an interesting culture, likes to read about the real side of being a Queen or King not just the gowns or horseback rides, and likes sweet romance with the perfect balance of everything else. Perfect for everyone, really!

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