Friday, January 24, 2014

Trouble in Store by Carol Cox

Trouble in StoreTrouble in Store by Carol Cox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trouble in StoreWhen Melanie is fired from her governess job in the east, she heads west to her deceased uncles store to claim her share. But she doesn't expect to find that his partner had died a few months after her uncle. Therefore she will encounter Caleb Nelson, the nephew and heir of the other half of the store. Will Caleb ever except her and the changes she wants to make throughout the store? Will they solve the mystery before anyone else gets hurt? And will they find love between helping their customers and solving the mystery?

Trouble in Store by Carol Cox captivated me from the very first page! The characters and mystery were very well written and kept me interested throughout the whole book.

Melanie and Caleb were very interesting, witty, and funny characters. Their conversations made me laugh, and it was entertaining to see how Caleb didn't want Melanie there at first ( and how he tried to marry her off to one of the over abundance of men in town) and her determination to stay. His attitude toward her newfangled changes to the store. Her refusal to let that stop her. His child and her governess background. When they both realized that the other wasn't so bad after all!

The other characters that came into the store were also interesting and a great contribution to the book as a whole. They were very diverse and at times funny and surprising. The setting was fantastic and perfect for this mystery!

The mystery was very well done. It was intriguing and more serious than it appeared at first. It was nice to see Melanie and Caleb work together on it even when he was reluctant to get along with her and later wanted to keep her safe. The transition between that was funny and you will laugh out loud at moments!

I loved everything about this book! If you want to be completely drawn into an amazing book than this is for you! I highly recommend it to everyone that likes to read! It has something for everyone.

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