Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love in Disguise by Carol Cox

Love in DisguiseLove in Disguise by Carol Cox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love in DisguiseOne and the same! Ellie was brilliant to be able to disguise herself in two ways that are so opposite from each other, and keep the townspeople from guessing that her characters are one and the same. As Lavinia Stewart, an older lady who is in town to invest in a mine, and Jessie Monroe, her niece who makes men fall head over heels for her, Ellie tries to get the people of Pickford to talk.

The mystery and Pinkerton Detective aspects of this book, as well as the time period, were very intriguing and well done. It was unique and interesting to see Ellie with a theater background, who wanted so badly to act, go undercover. Though this book started off a little slow during the first half, it definitely made up for it in the second half.

I loved the characters of both Ellie and Steven. It was nice to see them both grow in their faith, especially Ellie who hadn't gone to Church or prayed since she was little. Ellie and Stevens relationship was cute and sweet, and their talks and interactions were sweet and funny. Though I thought it was sad how she was so afraid that he wouldn't notice her as Ellie instead of Jessie.

This book made me laugh with its witty characters and laugh out loud moments. This is a great book for anyone that loves mystery, historical, or Christian fiction, or is looking for a funny and light read.

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