Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My New Wonderous Organization and Ideas

Recently I've been feeling really stressed about blogging. I went to Romania on a mission trip a couple weeks ago, and was hoping that when I came back I would be rejuvenated about blogging. Well, I kinda was, but not really. I just felt so stressed, and I didn't know what to do. Imagine the above gif with a pile of books, reviews to write, memes to write, etc. I finally figured out that I was just drowning in a pool of a lack of organization!

I am normally a very organized person, but when it came to blogging I would just write posts. I had no schedule other than - write reviews when book is finished, TTT every Tuesday etc. I didn't write things down when a blog post idea struck me. It just wasn't working. 
I couldn't do that anymore! It was just to much, and I had to come up with a way to stay more organized!

So, I tried google calendar, but it wasn't working for me, because it wasn't color coded enough and I wanted to write it down on paper.

Enter my little flowered clipboard and matching paper, that everyone on my team won at a Church Scavenger Hunt last year (3rd place) that I never really used! Now, it has become my organizational calendar/note place! The month is written at the top of each page, each page is a week from Monday-Sunday (because that's my blog week - Sunday is always my Week of Wonder/week wrap up post). I have the day and the date (so today would be Wed, 6 on it) then 3 lines to write stuff in. Everything is color coded, because it makes me happy and I feel better (and it's easier to tell what's what), starting with all the dates are written in black. Line 1 is for stuff like babysitting and band practice (BP), which are always in orange.

 Lines 2 and 3 are for my blogging schedule! I will put all posts on this calendar and check them off when I am done with them and have them completely scheduled! Reviews are written in purple. Blog tour, author posts, are written in pink. Memes are blue. Personal posts and discussions are green. As soon as I have written something and scheduled it, I write it on my calendar (if it's not there already), and check it off. 
After all of the dates, I have my note/idea pages! I love these pages, they are really fun, and I love being able to write my ideas down! First I have my new feature/meme ideas page. Then I have my flowing discussion ideas page, where I write down ideas and anything that comes to me to write about for it (I'll talk about this in a second)!  Every time I write a post that I wrote down the idea to, I check it off! This system really works well for me, and I feel so much better now that I have it! Maybe someday I'll spend money and buy a nice planner, like the one that one of my friends has that I really, really, really like, plus have an idea notebook (if there isn't enough room for notes inside the planner) but for now this works!

I've been seeing lots of fun discussion posts as I follow so many blogs (and some that I just go visit and see, then start following), and I've really been wanting to write some too. But I was scared:( I was afraid that I wouldn't say the right things, or be able to say what I wanted to say. But not anymore! I won't stop believing in the power of the written word! I will hold on to that feeling that I get every time I write, or inspiration strikes, and I won't let go! I have lots of ideas for fun discussion posts, and new features that you will start seeing soon! I really want to change things up, and make this blog more fun, fresh, and WONDEROUS!

Let's let our insecurities go!

Have you ever had an organization problem? How do you stay organized? Any tips? Do you have insecurities to let go, or have you already?

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