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The "She" Stands Alone by Nadine C. Keels

The The "She" Stands Alone by Nadine C. Keels
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She can't seem to catch any guy's notice for anything. No, a pick-up pitch from a stranger gawking at her around Pump #2 at the gas station doesn't count. And that attractive salesman at the one-stop-for-all-you-want store in town shouldn't have been flirting with her in the first place, being ultra customer-friendly in an establishment notorious for its pathetic customer service.

Now, is this young woman's dateless predicament unfixable? Not in the least. New plan: Sheridan Jones is going to date herself.

Ahh. The romance.

My Review
The "She" Stands Alone is a short novelette - only 36 pages and you can read it in about an hour. While I would normally think that 36 pages just isn't enough, Nadine C. Keels, really knows how to use her space and time! It was a perfect short, light, and humorous book to read between a bunch of long books, and just what I needed (aren't those boots pretty cool too)!

Sheridan's plan to date herself was quite humorous, and I loved the romance comedy aspect it took on (nice neighbor alert)! As she tries to prove her worth to herself, and maybe that mailman of a neighbor, she discovers the true reason that she is no longer open to the option of not being alone - and it's probably something that many many girls/women have struggled with at times in life.

Can she open her heart up again? Or is she risking to much? Laugh out loud as you read this book, and possibly end up with that sweet awww smile on your face!

I received a free copy of this novelette in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

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