Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Blog

I stopped book blogging about a year ago because it was seeming like more of a chore than something fun. College was also coming up and I didn't want the stress of blogging about books when I wasn't even sure if I would have time to read books. A year later, I'm glad for the choice I made - it was the right choice at the time.

During this year a lot has changed. I have changed. Sure I still love to read. Sure I still love the same authors plus more that I've discovered.

At this point I miss writing for fun and I want to start writing again - this time with a different purpose. You can come check out my new blog Searching Noelle, where I'm going to share about my faith, life, and whatever I feel like writing! Come check it out!


I would love to hear your comments! I will reply to all comments that make a reply form in my mind, so if you have a question, comment, or something to say, feel free to do so!