Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anomaly by Krista McGee

Anomaly (Anomaly #1)Anomaly by Krista McGee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:
Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds left to live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.

Thalli is different than others in The State. She feels things. She asks questions. And in the State, this is not tolerated. The Ten scientists who survived the nuclear war that destroyed the world above believe that emotion was at the core of what went wrong—and they have genetically removed it from the citizens they have since created. Thalli has kept her malformation secret from those who have monitored her for most of her life, but when she receives an ancient piece of music to record as her community’s assigned musician, she can no longer keep her emotions secreted away.

Seen as a threat to the harmony of her Pod, Thalli is taken to the Scientists for immediate annihilation. But before that can happen, Berk—her former Pod mate who is being groomed as a Scientist—steps in and persuades the Scientists to keep Thalli alive as a test subject.

The more time she spends in the Scientist’s Pod, the clearer it becomes that things are not as simple as she was programmed to believe. She hears stories of a Designer—stories that fill her mind with more questions: Who can she trust? What is this emotion called love? And what if she isn’t just an anomaly, but part of a greater design?

This book was truly amazing! I can't believe I waited so long to read it!
First of all, the fact that these people are not allowed to show emotion or ask questions is terrible and sad, for what is life if we can't feel? While some of the people in Thalli's pod have no problem with this, it grows increasingly hard for Thalli to hide the fact that she is curious and feels many emotions all the time.

I loved how Thalli played her emotions through her music! I play the flute, and sometimes the piano, so I understand what it's like to feel the emotions and see the story in a piece of music, and play the music with your own emotions.

While at the scientists pod she finds out that her world is not as it seems, that the scientists lie, she gets to spend more time with her old, loyal, and wonderful friend Berk, and she meets a man named John who teaches her about the Designer, love, and faith.

Anomaly by Krista McGee is beautifully written and at times heartbreaking. I loved going through Thalli and Berk's journey of faith, and finding out truths instead of believing in all of the lies. I couldn't put Anomaly down, I just had to find out what happened with these characters (this book made me bite my lips, it was so nerve wrecking at times). Thalli and Berk's relationship seemed so real, throughout the book I felt their emotions, I cried, I smiled, I hoped. I even caught myself almost praying for the characters while I was reading!

Will Thalli be allowed to live? If she does will she have to live the rest of her life as a lab rat? Will she and Berk be able to see each other? What will happen if they get caught in any schemes?
Anomaly will make you think and wonder about what you would do if you were in a situation similar to this. It is a must read book for Christians, and even people that aren't Christians should enjoy the dystopian elements, and the problems the characters go through!

(I was nervous to read a dystopian book. I know that everyone else seems to like them, but I wasn't sure if I would. Well, as you can see I definitely liked Anomaly and will be ready to read more dystopian books!)

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