Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Catherine Hapka

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Goodreads Summary
Lexi's feeling a little holidazed this winter....
Lexi's been going out with Cameron for way too long. Sure, he's a nice guy, but there's a spark missing between them. So she comes up with the perfect plan: get him to fall for another girl so she'll be free -- and guilt-free, too.

But when Lexi sees Cameron looking awfully cozy with Jaylene, her heart melts, especially when her budding psychologist best friend tells her that once a new couple has gone out a dozen times, their relationship is pretty much set. Cameron's twelfth date with Jaylene -- the Christmas Ball -- is coming up. Can Lexi find a way to rekindle her relationship with Cameron in the (saint) nick of time?

My Review
I love Christmas! Therefore, I fell in love with the setting of this book - Claus Lake! Claus Lake is a place that is all about Christmas, they evens start preparing for Christmas before Halloween - definitely my kind of place! I loved reading about their Christmas traditions!

I also liked Allie and her fun, and at times rather crazy relationship theories. I found them fun and entertaining.

With that being said, that's pretty much all I really liked about the book. Camden is very kind and a perfect guy. Lexi is super smart, but after making a huge mistake she finds realizes that she may not know exactly what she wants - other than getting Cam back, that is.

I don't understand why she tried so hard to get rid of Cam! After four year she wasn't even seeing him for who he truly was! There were times when I really felt like yelling at her. Why didn't she just didn't talk to him about their differences. I found the way she acted toward their four year relationship very annoying and inconsiderate. She could have at least talked to him for goodness sake!

Parts of this book were funny and made me laugh, but I found myself wishing a couple of times that I could read another book, but it was Christmassy and I wanted to make sure they eventually got back together.

So, overall, I loved the setting and the towns Christmas spirit. I didn't exactly relate well to the main character, but some parts of the book did make me laugh. This just wasn't my type of book, but maybe it's yours so give it a try if you think you'll like it!

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