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The Ryn by Serena Chase

The Ryn (Eyes of E'veria, #1)The Ryn by Serena Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary
DESTINED by prophecy. GUARDED by deception. PURSUED by Love.

Centuries ago, an oracle foretold of the young woman who would defeat E’veria’s most ancient enemy, the Cobelds. But after two centuries of relative peace, both the prophecy and the Cobelds have been relegated to lore—and only a few remain watchful for the promised Ryn.

Finally, a child is born who matches the oracle’s description, but a Cobeld curse accompanies her birth. Led to believe they succeeded in killing the prophesied child, the Cobelds emerge from hiding with plans to overtake the Kingdom.

But the child survived.

Secreted away and called “Rose” for the first nineteen years of her life, Rynnaia E'veri has no idea of her true identity until a chance meeting with an injured knight reveals not only her parentage and true name, but the task assigned her by the oracle: discover the Remedy that will destroy the Cobelds' power.

Now, her time has come.

Offered the assistance of pirates, scribes, storytellers, a young woman who died centuries ago, and the knight who is quickly working his way into her heart, Rynnaia is fortified with friends. But if the Ryn is to complete her task, she must come to terms with not only who she is, but for whom she must be willing to die. For the kingdom’s survival depends on her.

My Review
(I definitely started the year off right with The Ryn!)

The Ryn by Serena Chase will forever hold a dear place in my heart. This book is now one of my all time favorites, and I would dive back into it right now if the next two weren't already out! Needless to say, this book is definitely worth a reread! Where is that sixth star?!

The Ryn was such an enchanting book. It was written so beautifully with such vivid description and emotion that pulled me right into the story of the Ryn, and the land of E'veria, that I knew from the first page that I was going to enjoy reading this adventure. I just didn't know how exquisite it would be, or how much it would touch my heart!

This is a story of a girl who feels abandoned by the father she never met but still controls her life. Attached to the two families that had taken care of her, she is shocked when her true identity is revealed. Not only does she find out who her father is, but she finds out that she is the Ryn, she is the one the prophesy foretold. She is supposed to save all of E'veria from the evil Cobelds and their curses.

If the synopsis isn't enough to pull you into E'veria, and the fact that it was one of the best, if not the best book I've ever read, then keep reading because there's more!

I loved the land of E'veria, from all of its unique places, history, gifted people, and intriguing surprises! It was all so unique, creative, and  richly described  that I felt as if I was there. I grew to love so many of the characters. The gifts were so interesting, from the story tellers of Veetri, to the mind reading, object communication, etc., of the Andoven. The bear men of Mynisbyr and the people Rynnaia knew as family.

I loved the main character. Rose or Rynnaia was, perhaps, the most enjoyable character who's head I've ever been inside of! She was so strong, determined, witty, smart, kind, special, gifted, yet still relateable. She was born to be a leader and it showed. She isn't perfect by any means, she makes mistakes, and she doesn't, at first, know she's gifted! She was so real and relatable even though she lived in such a different world and had such different experiences. I can't seem to describe her thoroughly, but you get my point! Julien - the very definition of a knight in shining armor, the most patient man imaginable, unfalteringly loyal and honorable, faithful, and kind, (he was so refreshing from the males at my high school). I really liked Julien (in case you couldn't tell), and he was the perfect knight to aid Rynnaia - their conversations were delightful!

The jouney of self discovery that these characters went on was beautiful. I loved every minute of adventure, discovery, faith, action, magic, clean romance, knights, pirates, E'veria, and everything else that was this book - there's definitely something for everyone!

The Ryn was faith, fairytale, and fantasy at their best!  Enthralling from the very first page, captivating from the beautifully written words that told the story and brought about so many revelations, enchanting from the land it took place in, inspiring from the actions and faith of the characters, and page gluing from the action and danger. This book is light, yet it will open your eyes to truth and love. The Ryn is a book I won't soon forget, and I highly recommend it to everyone reader or not! I can't wait to continue Rynnaia and Julien's quest with The Remedy!

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