Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Rewind

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we pick the top ten things that we choose for the topic of the week.
Topic - Rewind

This is so tough for me. It's so hard to pick one topic. Hmmmm. I just started blogging a little over a month ago so I have missed so many. Oh, I know! Maybe I could pick ten! Just kidding, I don't have enough time for that! (Shhh, in case you can't tell, I sometimes have a hard time making choices).

Topic I eventually chose - Inspirational Characters
I love characters and books that inspire me. An inspiring character is one that I respect, would love to be BFF's with, and they are my favorite kind of character. I am going to try really really hard to list ten characters without giving anything away about the books. (There are so many inspiring characters that I put them together by books. This probably isn't all of them, and books, I'm sorry if I forgot to mention you.)

Gabriella, Lia, Marcello, Luca, Fortino (and others) in the River of Time series - All five of these characters are in the River of Time series by Lisa Tawn Bergren. They are so strong and determined. Gabriella and Lia went back in time, got separated, made enemies, and had to go through many tough and perilous adventures, but they persevered. It was amazing how they all worked together, trusted each other, stayed so strong, had faith, never gave up, and tried to do the right thing no matter the cost. Marcello had amazing faith and leadership skills. Fortino was so inspiring, because of his strength through his sickness and something else that happened in one of the books (can't tell you what).

Kate and Ben in Sweeter than Birdsong - I really related to Kate. She was so shy at the beginning of the book, but as the story progressed her character really grew. She and Ben were so inspiring because of their kind personalities and the way they tried to help a colored family out of slavery, and fought for freedom. There were so many great quotes in this book.

Characters in The Help - There were so many amazing and inspiring characters in The Help. Their courage for working for equality and what is right, even through all the odds, was truly remarkable. This is another book with some very inspiring quotes, by the way.

Thalli in Anomaly - I loved how Thalli wouldn't/couldn't hide who she was. She wasn't like the others in her society, able to do anything she was told without question. Instead she was curious, and throughout the book we saw how strong and courageous she was, and her new found faith was so encouraging.

Characters in Melanie Dickerson's books - Melanie's books are amazing and I love the main characters (both female and male) in her books for their faith, hope, strength, kindness, and more.

Bella in A Charmed Life - Bella's world was turned upside down, she went through dangerous situations and encountered many problems, yet she turned to God and stayed strong in her faith and hope.

Maddie in Ireland, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea by Melody Carlson - Maddie has such a strong faith in God and is so determined to help others. This is something that I really relate to, as I hope to go on a mission trip this summer, or at least sometime in my life!

Some characters in the Tigers Curse series - I don't even know where to start with Kelsey, Ren, Kishan, and Mr. Kadam. Ren and Kishan had gone through so much in their lives, being cursed as tigers (can't give details) and everything they had been through, lost, and experienced. They were both so strong and courageous and much more (Ren is amazing). Kelsey was a character that I could really relate to at times. Her kindness, strength, and determination to help through all of the ups and downs (believe me there were a lot) was very inspiring. Mr. Kadam was always there for them. They were just all so admirable.

Many Characters in the Lunar Chronicles - Oh. My. Goodness. So many inspiring characters in this series. If you have read the series you probably know what I mean, but if not GO READ IT! I'm not even going to try to explain, because there is just to much I risk at giving something away.

Anna in A Countess Below Stairs - Anna and her family had escaped from the Russian Revolution, and Anna decided that she would work as a maid to help her family and not be discovered. Her determination to work and learn to work (quite humorous at times because she really didn't know anything about work and cleaning), her positive attitude, and her kindness were truly remarkable.

So many WONDERFULLY INSPIRING characters in these books. If you are looking for inspiration you should strongly consider reading any (or all of these books). There are so many more, but those were the first ten that I could think of, so sorry to those I didn't list (yes, I'm apologizing to book characters, laugh if you want).
What was your Top Ten Tuesday? What are inspiring characters or books that you have read?