Friday, December 26, 2014

Blog Plans

You guys now know how much I truly love Christmas now! My pleasant, joyful, Christmas Spirit is contagious! Right? And now we have to start our Christmas countdowns all over again at 365 :(

Christmas break lasts until January 4th this year, and I need to get at least a little ahead in blogging if I can. Here's some of what I hope to get accomplished.
~A little reading and book buying.
~ Update about me page
~ Clean up blog layout
~ Schedule memes and maybe some other posts
~ Do 2014 wrap-up reading posts
~ Figure out which challenges I want to try out in 2015 (I didn't do very good on them this year, but it was my first year blogging so hopefully I'll be more realistic).
~ Come up with ideas for discussion posts and Wonderland Weekend posts
~ Etc.

But we'll see how much of this I actually get accomplished. This is Christmas break after all!

Do you have any current blogging plans?

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