Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Characters Who Would be My BFF

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we pick the top ten things that we choose for the topic of the week.
Topic - Top Ten Characters Who Would be My BFF

Gabriella Betarinni - If I could go back in time to fourteenth century Italy Gariella would definitely be my bff (along with Marcello and Luca of course). We have a lot of personality similarities, though she is probably a lot braver than me.

Lia Bettarini - Again, if I could go back in time to fourteenth century Italy, Lia would be my BFF. I think we would get along well, and we also have a lot of personality similarities. We could all fight the evil nights and try not to tell anyone about modern inventions.

Adriana and all of the other Remnants and Nights - If I could live in any dystopian world, it would be the one in this series, and I would be BFF's with all of the other Remnants and Nights. They are so strong and work so well together. Very inspiring!

Eleanor Braddock - Eleanor Braddock is such a good person, the one that's always there. The type of person that anyone would want as a BFF. We 

Lady Alexander - If I could go to Regency London Alex would be my BFF (along with Gavin Blackmoor). Her determined personality is so much like my own.

Kelsey and Ren - We could go explore India and the U.S. and go see some tigers.

Elizabeth Thatcher - We also have a lot in common. Our personalities, Religion, and teaching.

Thalli - If I was in that dystopian world, we would be BFF's.

All of the characters in The Lunar Chronicles - If I lived in the Commonwealth we would be BFF's and save everyone from Queen Levana.

Cameron Morgan - We could be BFF spies together.

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