Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wonderland Weekend: Historicals Make Us Thankful

Wonderland Weekend is a feature where I pick a topic about how stories take us to "another world." Each month I have a new topic and will write about it every weekend of that month or just one or two weekends (whatever I feel like/have time for/can come up with). I would love for you to join me, so feel free to write about this topic at any time throughout the month and link it back to me - just have fun with it!
(These will usually be bookish posts but sometimes they'll be more of a discussion post)

November Topic: Since Thanksgiving is this month, November's topic will be thankfulness and anything that has to do with thanksgiving! I Think I'm mainly going to focus on what certain genres make me thankful for.

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Historicals Make Us Thankful

Historical fiction novels are so fun to read! I find them very interesting, intriguing, and by far, the best and most fun way to learn history (unless we could literally transport back in time - awesome). I find that events in history stick out better and form a more accurate timeline if I've read about them in a historical fiction book.
Historical books make me thankful for all of the hardworking, motivated, and inspiring people who came before us, paved the way to today, and played a roll in God's plan for us. Planet Earth wouldn't be the same without them - from the presidents, Native Americans, Immigrants, motivational speakers, protesters, scientists, etc!

I'm thankful for the Declaration of Independence giving us our freedom, rights, and equality (though, I think we could still work on that a little, just saying).

I'm thankful that women aren't forced into fake society of expectations that they were in past centuries. I can't imagine being forced into a marriage that I didn't want, having to disguise myself in fake personas around masquerading people.

They make me extremely thankful for truly amazing family and friends who understand and support me, as well as opportunities,

I'm thankful that we have electricity and libraries.

I'm thankful that we have better education and more opportunities today.

I'm most thankful for Jesus Christ who is the past, present, and future, and everything he has and is doing for us.

Just think. If something - even one thing - had turned out differently it would have caused a snowball effect and everything would probably have turned out differently. Maybe we would still be part of England. Maybe you and/or I wouldn't be here. Maybe we would all live somewhere else.

Reading about the tribulation and triumph of made up people of the past - going through a part of their life, stepping into their shoes (even if just for a moment) - is an eye opening experience. It makes me grateful every time!

This quote pretty much sums up the essence of historical novels!

(This is only a part of it, there's so much more I could say!)

What have historical novels made you thankful for?

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