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The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson

The Princess Spy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary
Margaretha has always been a romantic, and hopes her newest suitor, Lord Claybrook, is destined to be her one true love. But then an injured man is brought to Hagenheim Castle, claiming to be an English lord who was attacked by Claybrook and left for dead. And only Margaretha---one of the few who speaks his language---understands the wild story. Margaretha finds herself unable to pass Colin's message along to her father, the duke, and convinces herself 'Lord Colin' is just an addled stranger. Then Colin retrieves an heirloom she lost in a well, and asks her to spy on Claybrook as repayment. Margaretha knows she could never be a spy---not only is she unable to keep anything secret, she's sure Colin is completely wrong about her potential betrothed. Though when Margaretha overhears Claybrook one day, she discovers her romantic notions may have been clouding her judgment about not only Colin but Claybrook as well. It is up to her to save her father and Hagenheim itself from Claybrook's wicked plot.

My Review
Melanie Dickerson has done it again! I was so excited to read this book, I preordered it (which I only do for favorite authors, and even then not very often), started reading it the day it came out and had it finished the next day because it was so riveting and I couldn't put it down! I love her fairytale retellings, every single one of them, and this one was no different of course!

One thing I really like about this book is that it carries on with the family that has been present for her last few books (don't want to give anything away there), so readers get to see beloved friends from the past! Plus the historical look into the past is very enjoyable!

Margaretha is a very curious, kind brave, courageous, likeable character with a take charge attitude, who loves to talk and fears that no one will be able to see through her constant chatter and love her. I enjoyed the fact that she wasn't completely perfect - I mean, spies usually equal silent chameleon! Then, the crazy stranger appeared and Margaretha's curiosity won the best of her. As she got to know Colin and discovered that her new suitor, Claybrooke, was a devious villain, she was thrown into quite the intriguing glue-readers-to-the-pages adventure that would turn her lily pad of life over!

As Margaretha and Colin grow closer and get to know each other better, will they grow to love each other? And if they do, there's the dilemma of Claybrooke trying to force marriage on her, the easy (or not) matter of saving her family, and if they can get through all of that - the fact that she would have to leave her wonderful family and Hagenheim to live in England! As they learn to have faith in God and put their trust in Him, will they be able to get through all of this safely?

If you love fairytale retellings, you will love this new spin on the Frog Prince! There's action, sweet romance, intriguing plot, likeable characters, faith growing - a little something for everyone! Feel the happiness and outrage of these characters as you go on this journey with them!

Now, what will I do until Melanie Dickerson's next book comes out?

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