Friday, November 7, 2014

Becoming Me

The last two books I have read have been Becoming Beauty and Becoming Bea, two pretty different, but equally wonderful books that have one thing in common. They are both about becoming who you are meant to be! That got me thinking ... and of course I wanted to write a post!

Becoming Beauty Becoming Bea (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #4)

It takes our entire lives to completely become who we are meant to be, as life is a journey that we must travel whether rough or smooth. Who we become depends on the roads we travel and paths we cross on that journey. In Becoming Beauty, Bella probably wouldn't have changed into the person she became after meeting the Beast and Jack and in Becoming Bea, Bea probably wouldn't have become the person she became if she hadn't taken a chance at some independence, helping with the triplets, and given Ben a second chance!
Who we become depends on our beliefs and attitudes. If Bella would have stayed mad and selfish she wouldn't have been able to see past her troubles to what she could do and become. If Bea hadn't tried not to be so judgmental and relied on her faith in God, she wouldn't have been able to give Ben a second chance and realize her new dreams!

The people we know and meet also plays a huge role in our lives. If Bella's father hadn't given in to her whims, if her siblings hadn't pushed her to do what was right, if she hadn't met the Beast and Jack she wouldn't have had the opportunity to know them and grow into the person she became. If Bea hadn't had such a pushy sister she may not have stayed in Lancaster county during her family's trip to Montana, gotten a job, grown close to her community, etc.!
Circumstances of our lives are also life changers. If Bella hadn't been forced to work for the Beast and if Bea hadn't lost her dad, had troubles with Ben, and helped with the triplets things would have turned out differently for them.


My Family
My family plays a huge role in my life. They teach me so many things from the time I was born until now, and on! I love my family and they all have different personalities and they impact who I have become and who I will continue to become. I can't think of a better person to learn from and watch than the people in my family and especially my mom!
God and my relationship with him probably impact my life the most! I've always been a believer in God, and within the last couple of years that faith has especially grown and blossomed, consequently I have blossomed as a person. God and His word help me when I need it most - He makes me stronger, I can always rely on Him. He make me who I am today, and continues to help me grow spiritually.

Circumstance and Experiences (and God again)
I have taught the two year old class at our Church for the last three years and those children and the other people working in the family ministry are a light in this world. Those young children open my eyes and clarify some of the confusing things of life, diminishing them into simplicity.

This summer I went on a ten day mission trip to Romania with a group of nine other people at my Church. It was an eye opening and blessing experience, that truly changed who I am and made me a better person. My faith grew so much while I was in Romania relying on God to form the right words to say to the children there so they and I could grow our relationships with God and each other, the overwhelming and constant presence of God and peace, the feeling that I was right where I was supposed to be doing what God was calling me to do. That experience and the wonderful people I met there and went with will forever be a light in my life.

God's calling in my life and what he is writing in my heart are who I have and will become - It's all up to Him!

What I Read
Reading can also play a part in who we become. For example reading usually makes people more empathetic. Books can also inspire and open our eyes to new things, help us grow as a person, emotionally, and in faith along the way, opening our eyes to the things that can, otherwise, go unseen.

Dreams and goals help give us hope and purpose, especially when they are inspired by God!

Never Done Growing
The best part is that we are never done Growing! There will always be new people, experiences and opportunities, etc. There are and will be so many twists, turns, paths, roads, and bumps in this labyrinth called life. We just have to hold on for the ride and see where it leads us and discover who we have and will become along the way!
What are your thoughts on becoming you? I would love to know what you think!

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