Thursday, April 23, 2015

Broken Records - Switch it Up!

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Repetitive Reviewing
(keep in mind I wrote this Monday)
I’ve been feeling, especially lately, like I’m being extremely repetitive with my reviews. I feel like I’m always liking the same things about a book, and say how I feel about books in the same way every. single. time. Sure, I’m still going to write reviews like I normally do, probably often, but I’d like to start switching it up a little every now and then.

I want this to be fun and want reading my reviews to be interesting! I don't want my blog to feel like a broken record where I'm basically on repeat but changing names, etc.; I want to be creative!

I will most likely start doing a more "unique" review for the books that I read for fun, and use my normal review style for those I'm asked to review because I feel like that's better to put on Goodreads and Amazon, but I might switch things up a little then too! You'll just have to wait and see!

Some ideas I have for switching things up include letters to the characters of the book or recommending to a friend, poems, casts, collages (online or homemade), guessing games, quizes, and more!

Have you ever felt this way when reviewing? Any ideas or tips that your willing to share?

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