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Blog Tour: Homecoming by Kate Hasbrouck

Today I am happy to bring to you Homecoming by Kate Hasbrouck!
Kerana is being sent to Earth to begin her duty as an Eldurian. Hers are a perfect people, without flaw and without sin, never experiencing the fall of man. Created by God to shepherd His people on Earth, they remain in the shadows, unnoticed. Kerana looks human, speaks like them, and has been taught to act like them. Above all her mission is to serve the humans.

Arriving on Earth, Kerana meets Eli at school. He is an ordinary human, with a father suffering from alcoholism, and a past that threatens to ruin his life. A star scholarship lacrosse player, Eli has to forget his true passion and live in a shell that doesn’t let anyone in. Until he meets Kerana. They find themselves intertwined in a connection that neither can quite explain. When this connection puts the two of them in danger, they find comfort and protection from each other. When Eli discovers that there is more to Kerana than just her stunning looks and grace, the Eldurians and their home planet                    of Eden may not remain a secret for very long.

About the Author
Kate Hasbrouck has been writing and creating stories for as long as she can remember. She had written several stories by the time she was a teen, but Homecoming was the first full manuscript she had ever written with the intention of sharing it with other people. She attended Houghton College, where she received her Bachelor’s degree with a dual-major in Writing and Psychology where she honed her skills. She lives in Florida with her husband, a youth pastor at a local church, where she spends time writing, ministering to teens, and enjoying the life God has given her. Homecoming is the first book in a trilogy.

My Review
If I had to choose one word to describe this book I would say breathtaking awe! Okay, so that’s two, but you’ll have to deal with it, because I can’t think of any better way!

This story speaks to the soul. It’s Inspiring and true messages wrapped around my heart, and warmed me with their beautiful truth. I could write all about it, but Kate Hasbrouck did such an amazing job that you really just need to go read it for yourself.

This novel is perfect for any Christian, anyone who is struggling with their faith, or anyone that just isn’t sure what they believe. As a Christian, I found this book and its message awe inspiring, and I loved the faith journeys that the characters went through. and how truth was so beautifully written and displayed in the setting and within the characters.

Also, the setting was very intriguing. The descriptions were delightful, and so easy to picture as Eli saw Eden with new eyes. I loved the culture of the Eldurians, and I really enjoyed getting to know them, their special powers, their calling, and their faith.

Now, the characters. I really like Kerana (I love that name) and Eli! They were both very relatable in their own ways. This book did deal with real life struggles, and I appreciated the way that the characters dealt with them. I also appreciated the relationship between Kerana and her parents, they were so close and she talked about everything with them, not hiding anything. We need to see a lot more of that in books!

I could go on and on, but I really think you should read this book for yourself and experience the beauty, truth, love, and grace that makes this book so breathtaking!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. This in no way affected my opinions, and all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

Want to enter the world of Eden? Kate is giving away a SIGNED copy of Homecoming (US only) and an ebook (INT) as a thank you to all who have been with her through her writing journey.

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