Thursday, July 31, 2014

Runaway by Renee Donne

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After Marianne discovers her bankrupt stepfather sold her into marriage to the highest bidder, she flees Philadelphia and heads west to start a new life.

Unfortunately for her danger follows.  First, a stage coach accident leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere – with an injured driver. And henchmen, hired by her spurned would-be husband, are hot on her trail, threatening to return her to Philadelphia and the man who is determined to own her.

Just when things seem hopeless, Marianne is rescued by a handsome, cowboy who offers temporary refuge.  Knowing she can’t refuse, yet wary of his intentions, Marianne finds herself drawn to this quiet, enigmatic hero. But is he someone she can trust?

My Review
4 stars
I felt so sorry for Marianne in the beginning. No one deserves to be sold into marriage, no matter the time or place. I thought her actions were very admirable and courageous and I was glad that she didn't do as she was told, that would have been a horrible life, as the villain was truly horrific. 

Marianne was a very likable character. She was sweet and courageous, and I enjoyed watching her faith grow as she got to know the heroic and chivalrous Aaron (there really needs to be more chivalry in the world)! Aaron had a true relationship with the Lord, which I really admired, he was also kind and swoon-worthy.

The setting of the old west along with the authors descriptions was beautiful, and it was really easy to envision the setting in my mind as I was reading. There were also many great side characters. From the horrible villains to the kind and intriguing ranch hands, they were all well thought out, and I would have liked to know more about some of the ranch hands.

The only slight complaint I have about Runaway was that it could have been longer. More could have been told about the characters, we could have heard more of the conversations between Aaron and Marianne and seen more of the progression that took place between them, things could have been drawn out a little more, the moral would have come across fantastically. It was a great book, I just thought it could have been a little longer. 

Overall, this a great historical western. It was interesting and intriguing, with a great plot and cast of characters. A good book to read after reading a long book, when you want something short but with substance! 

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.