Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we pick the top ten things that we choose for the topic of the week.
Topic: Top Ten Blogging Confessions

Uh Oh! This could be embarrassing! But I understand that those of you who are reading this are also bookish people, so hopefully you'll understand. Oh, that's to much to ask? Well! Oh, you're curious now? Well curiosity never hurt anyone! Okay, okay, okay, I guess I still have to tell!

1. I follow many, many, many book blogs, and I thought that it would be really fun to have one. For a long time I was to scared to start Wonderous Reviews, but I finally decided to let go and not care what anyone thought and just go for it! I love to read and talk about books, so it worked out perfectly!
2. I love authors and they are wonderful! But, I'll be honest sometimes they scare me. Not the authors themselves, but interacting with them. Email - do I sound to informal, to formal? Interview - to many questions? Not the right ones? Do I even make sense?! Etc. The authors I have interacted with so far have been great and I've felt comfortable working with them, though! I still don't think that I'll ever be able to contact an author first though. Nope not there yet!

3. I love writing reviews, TTT's, and other posts! They are fun to write and they relax me!

4. I love doing interviews! Sometimes I feel like I get carried away with questions, but I do assure the author that they don't have to answer them all!

5. I prefer to write posts on a computer instead of my phone. I know it's convenient to use a phone sometimes, and occassionally I do, but it's just easier to do it on a computer - especially when including picture(s).

6. I prefer to write a review for a book either the same day I finish it or the day after. If I'm on vacation I usually just keep reading and write the reviews when I get back (because like I said, I prefer to write posts on a computer), though sometimes I'll write the review on my phone.
7. I only write blog posts when I'm in the mood to write them. That means that I might write a bunch of posts at once, then go a couple days without writing any, but usually I write a post every day or every other day!
8. Sometimes, I'm terrible about commenting on other blogs. I mean to, I even save the email, I just forget. So far, I'm also really bad about posting on my blogs facebook and twitter. I jsut don't post or tweet a lot, hopefully that will improve.

9. I really need to work on scheduling posts ahead of time
10. I have an idea for an every weekend type of post on my blog, that I would love for others to join in on (though they probably won't)! I just think that it would be really fun, and I have a lot of ideas for it! Yes, I'm being mysterious on purpose - check back in a few weeks (sometime after I get back from Romania) if you want to find out what it is!
First time I've used gifs (even though I found them on google)! So fun!

Your turn! You must confess!