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Bookish Relationships: Happily Ever After

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With Valentines day this week, I thought it might be the perfect time to talk about happily ever afters!

And they all lived happily ever after. Or something to that effect!

I think that a real life happily ever after relationship is the best kind! Usually the two are each others the one, and they end up dating or getting married, and then, according to the book they got a happily ever after. Danced off with the prince into the sunset, etc.
But, what is a real happily ever after? I mean, we never literally see couples dancing off into the sunset, constantly laughing and saying "I love you." And let's face it, that would be kind of boring, and, well disturbing!

A happily ever after doesn't mean that everything in life is peachy and full of rainbows. It doesn't mean that the couple will never get mad at each other and argue it out! It doesn't mean that life, or their relationship will be easy!
A true happily ever after is when a couple are always there for each other. They are each others best friend. They love each other, and are willing to work out any problems that arise, and help each other over the waves in the ocean and bumps in the road. They will jump in the water puddles sometimes, big and small, but they always make it to the other side.
When all is said and done, they have a true everlasting love.

I've heard some people say that bookish relationships (often aimed at fairy tales) are unrealistic because so many end in a happily ever after. But, that's not how I feel. I mean, I wouldn't be satisfied if the books I read didn't end on a high note (or at least if all of them didn't). That would be depressing, and suck out all of the joy and hope in reading!
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Happily ever after's aren't the end. They are just the beginning! Just because a book ends with a happy ever after doesn't mean that the couple never ever has problems, but that they have the love that it takes to work through them!
And I, my friends, find that to be beautiful!

Tell me, how do you feel about happily ever after's?

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