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Bookish Relationships - 7 Types of Insta Love

This is a feature on Wonderous Reviews where I talk about what makes me swoon and what breaks my heart in bookish relationships. These discussions will be randomly posted, and they will each have a specific topic such as best friends to relationship romance or love triangles. 
These are meant to be discussions so I want to know what you guys think too, so please comment and/or feel free to write your own post! This is meant to be fun and full of opinions and discussion! 

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This week I want to share my feeling on the 7 types of insta love I've noticed in books! And what better time to talk about it than near Valentines Day?
(These are my normal feelings, please note that there are occasional exceptions).

1. Stereotypical Insta Image Love - Love that occurs when one person looks at another person, or they look at each other, and instantaneously - Boom! Bam! Pow! - fall in love with said person based on looks alone.
In my opinion, insta image love is completely unacceptable and there is no excuse for it. I'm talkin about the cases where two people lay eyes on each other and must start a relationship right now. In this case, a true relationship is never acquired, and all they do is get on my nerves. I mean seriously, if you think someone looks good, that's fine, but that is no reason to "fall in love" with someone! Are you for real? Um, yeah, I don't think so! I'm pretty sure that's a form of stereotyping right there, and it really gets on my nerves.

2. Obnoxious Insta Love - Two people see each other and immediately decide to start a relationship. They fall all over each other saying gooey things to each other in public, are constantly together and holding hands, and annoy their friends and surrounding strangers with their supposed "love" for each other.
This is mostly seen occasionally in YA books, and it's that point where insta love gets extremely annoying. It's pretty much impossible for me to continue reading. "Umm, can you see or hear yourselves? Obviously not, or you would see how fake of a relationship you have!" Um, yeah, I'm going to stop for now because this one can be so bad that I just don't know what to say. 

3. Undeniable Insta Love - Both people feel an attraction when they see each other, and feel compelled to get to know each other. Spmetimes there is some angst and the character(s) spend all of their time thinking about each other. Sometimes the characters get to know each other better before starting a relationship.
Yes, well, it's that feeling of angst and thinking about each other all the time that kind turns me away. Sometimes this type of insta love is likable. For instance, when the two get to know each other before starting a relationship.

4. Denied Insta Love - A person (or two people) have an attraction at first sight, but they both deny it and ignore it like it doesn't exist. Often, they already know, at least a little bit, about the other person.
This one is so annoying! They seem to like each other, right? But they won't talk to each other or acknowledge the other person. They act like that person doesn't even exist for half of the book, and then they think about them nonstop for the entire first ten chapters! Maybe they think they know the other person, but they don't because they have never given that person a chance! Just try to get to know them a little before completely judging them already!You can't have a relationship/be in love if you never talk to said other person!

5. Unwanted Insta Love - Said person spends half of the book complaining about the fact that they are attracted to said other person. Insta love for no apparent reason. 
Love and attraction happen! It's the nature of life! Move on, get past your disbelief, talk to each other already!

6. Unwarranted Insta Love - Insta love for no apparent reason.
Sometimes it isn't really clear why Suzie likes Tommy (random names), and the whole insta love thing just doesn't seem to have a purpose. If a reader can't find the purpose, why is it there to begin with? Need I say more?

*7. Invincible (pure) Insta Love - True love that stems from a The One (or Meant to Be) attraction.
This kind of insta love is the only kind that I truly like to find in a book. It is true. It is pure. It is right. It is just meant to be. At first sight they feel like that person is the one for them. They become friends and get to know each other. Sure, they might dislike each other at times, even seem to hate each other (toward the beginning) and have misunderstandings, but that's okay, because essentially we know they are meant for each other. It is fate, destiny, God's plan for them to fall in love! Nothing, no matter what, will make this love evaporate, and they will work together and have true friendship to overcome all of the odds. I do think that this happens in real life too - seeing your The One for the first time and just having this feeling that they are the one that is meant for you!

How do you feel about these types of insta love? Have you seen any other types of insta love? What books have you read that have one of these kinds of insta love? Want to recommend any books that will make me see the opposite side of my usual feelings?

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