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Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books

  Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we pick the top ten things for the topic of the week.  I really enjoy writing these posts, because I love lists, and this is a great way to look back at books I've read and toward the books I want to read!
Topic: Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books

I love heroines in books who show us what we can be while showing those guys how awesome we are! We are your equal - you will realize it now!

These heroines are awesome, and because their so awesome, I think I'll tell you why too...so

Waterfall (River of Time, #1) Cascade (River of Time, #2)
Gabriella and Lia are totally awesome sword wielding feisty heroines of 14th century Italy. They battle enemy knights alongside their guys, evade capture, and really show the 14th century what girls are made of! They aren't as fragile as they seem, though they tried to use that perception to their advantage!

Heart Song (Heart Song Tril... Shifter's Heart (Heart Song Trilogy, #2)
Alanna and Laelynn are totally fantastic and inspiring heroines! They have incredible power that they use for the good of their country and those they love! Trust me, these are two heroines you don't want to mess with, but totally want to meet and have on your side!

The Ryn (Eyes of E'veria, #1)
Rynnaia is a heroine with a new-found prophesy giving her purpose, a new-found faith to give her strength and guidance, new-found friends to help her along the way, new-found family to get to know, and of course a new-found guy to lean if she would ever need it! This girl is an inspiring heroine for sure!

Star of Deliverance
Emi is a heroine that isn't afraid to risk it all for the ones she loves, ready and willing to do whatever she can to help save her country.

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)
Of course the team of the Lunar Chronicles is full of some great kickin it heroines too! All ready to save their planet from the evil Queen Levana!

Season of Wonder (The Remnants, #1)
Andriana and her other female Ailith are trained and willing to shield the world from the evil Sons of Sheol. Trust me, they're awesome!

 The Strength of Ballerinas
Kendra is a ballerina full of strength and determination, persevering to do whatever it takes to dance through her illness.

Conception (Future Savior, #1)
The Future Savior series is full of kicking, swinging, and sword wielding heroines with some special gifts to help them along the way!

The Merchant's Daughter The Healer's Apprentice The Fairest BeautyThe Captive Maiden  The Princess Spy
Speaking of awesome heroines, I can't forget about all of the fantastic ones from all of Melanie Dickerson's fairy-tale retellings! They are definitely more capable than the originals!

I know I cheated, but there are still so many more heroines who are so awesome! This is just half of the top layer of my favorites!

Who are your favorite heroines from books?

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