Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Cover Love

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

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Just look at the cover!

Or do, because let's be honest, bookish people tend to do that sometimes! I know I do! And, let's face it, that quote is more for people, houses, and clothes, than it is about books. Right?

Sometimes a books beautiful cover captivates me, and pulls me in, makes me want to read it. Other times I just glance down a long row of book and covers, swiftly hovering over them and moving on. 

Though I am drawn to pretty covers, I never buy or read on gorgeous cover alone. A book must have an interesting synopsis, or it's bye bye pretty cover that would look beauteous on my bookshelf:(

Why is cover love good?
Cover love can be a great thing because, like I said, a pretty cover can pull in readers like a cowboy to mustangs. Rare and gorgeous cover ... I got you my pretty, and your little pages too! A great cover can also tell us something about the story, whether it has hidden meaning after you read it, or it just goes well with the synopsis.  Covers can  make us want to read a book!

Why is cover love occasionally bad?
Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with cover love. There is nothing wrong with not reading a book that doesn't have a cover that you aren't comfortable with either. However, when cover love turns to cover snobbery (saying a book isn't good enough based on the cover - uncomfortable reading it excluded), there is a problem. When you hear about a book that a friend thinks is really good, but you won't even pick up the book because the cover isn't exciting enough, or green enough, or pretty enough, or unique enough, or sparkly enough, or to sparkly, to pink, or weird, (yes, I'm exagerating). That's when you might be guilty of cover snobbery, and we bookish people might have a problem on our hands.

 That moment when you find out if you are right or wrong about a cover.
Sometimes I see a book and I'm totally like "oooh, you're gorgeous, you belong with me." Then one of two things happens. Either I read the synopsis and see how right I probably am about the book, or I see that the book is totally not meant for me. When the latter happens I instantly feel my heart deflate, I give the book a lingering stare, then turn away feeling sad until the next book catches my attention. 
I see said book again and my eyes well up with water, but none leaks out when I remember that the synopsis, well, it just wasn't the raspberry to my chocolate. 
When I read the synopsis and love it though, my heart leaps with joy and get a really giddy feeling about the two for one - beautiful cover, beautiful synopsis!

Are you a victim of cover love? Did it end well or terribly wrong? 

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