Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wonderland Weekend (Me and Scary Books)

Wonderland Weekend is a feature on my blog where I pick a topic about how stories take us to "another world." Each month I have a new topic and will write about it every weekend of that month or just one or two weekends (whatever I feel like/have time for/can come up with). I would love for you to join me, so feel free to write about this topic at any time throughout the month and link it back to me - just have fun with it!

I've also decided to do slightly broader topics. sooo...

October Topic: How do books take us to another world by creating emotions in us? What are some emotions you do and don't like books to cause? Since Halloween is in October do you like scary books? Anything you want to write about scary books, books (or movies) that have to do with Halloween, or weird creatures. (However you want to take it). 

Me and Scary Books

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys - I don't really read scary books, or watch many scary movies for that matter! I'll go to the occasional haunted house, and I went trick or treating when I was little, but Halloween has never been a top holiday of mine. 

While scary books may get some people's adrenaline pumping and their heart rates racing, they totally freak me out and give me nightmares. Some people enjoy those feelings, but I don't!
Candy - Yummy
Scary - No Thanks
Vampires - Sorry, I think I'll hold onto my blood, but thanks anyway.
Werewolves - I prefer a real human or a real wolf.
Mummy - Cool if you're in Egypt.
Zombie - Weird mummy robot. I prefer to keep my brain in working order!

Witches - I do like to read the occasional magic or witchy book! I mean who doesn't like a little magic in life!
Genie - Granting wishes is awesome!
Fairy-tales - A favorite to read!
Ghosts - I can handle the occasional ghost book or movie (especially if their nice like Casper).
(forgive me, I'm probably missing some)

So, as you can obviously see - I'm not like most people! I think that it just makes me more unique, you might think me weird, though, and that's okay.

Scary books do take us to a whole nother world though; one filled with fright, racing hearts, adrenaline, nightmares, and the occasional scream! Sometimes one in which we encounter creatures that we would never encounter in real life. One of chances and spookiness.

How do you feel about scary books and movies?