Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wonderland Weekend (Empathy)

Wonderland Weekend is a feature on my blog where I pick a topic about how stories take us to "another world." Each month I have a new topic and will write about it every weekend of that month or just one or two weekends (whatever I feel like/have time for/can come up with). I would love for you to join me, so feel free to write about this topic at any time throughout the month and link it back to me - just have fun with it!

I've also decided to do slightly broader topics and you can spin them however you wish. sooo...

Topic: How do books take us to another world by creating emotions in us? What are some emotions you do and don't like books to cause? Since Halloween is in October do you like scary books? Anything you want to write about scary books, books (or movies) that have to do with Halloween, or weird creatures. (However you want to take it). 

I love this quote! It's so true - definitely pertains to me! How often does this happen to readers? I think this quote speaks for itself so I'll leave it at that and go on.

I know this has been said before, but I wholeheartedly agree with it - readers are more empathetic than the average everyday nonreader. Readers go through the experiences of multiple characters, basically living in the character's world - living their life for the time it takes to read a certain amount of pages. This makes us more tolerant and empathetic of other people and their situations. We are more likely to be able to put ourselves in their shoes and understand what they're going through and/or how they feel.

I think this is pretty awesome - more people should read! This has even happened to me on a few occasions - nothing very specific, but still.

What do you think about reading and empathy? Has there ever been a situation when you understood a person's situation better than their other friends because of your reading background, or a time when it helped you in life?

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