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The Reluctant Bacherlorette by Rachael Anderson

The Reluctant BacheloretteThe Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Anderson
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Luke Carney has no idea what possessed him to move back to Shelter Springs, Colorado, to set up his veterinarian practice. His parents have long since left, the small farming community is on the brink of extinction, and only one close friend from his childhood remains--Taycee Emerson, his best friend’s little sister, who isn’t so little anymore.

Then there’s the matter of Shelter’s Bachelorette, an online reality dating show created to raise some much needed funds for the town.

Unwittingly cast as the bachelorette, Taycee wants out, especially when she discovers that Luke, her childhood crush, is back in town and will be one of the bachelors. To make matters worse, it's up to the viewers--not her--to decide which bachelors stay or go. And they all seem to like Luke.

Unwilling to let him break her heart again, Taycee launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. But she’d forgotten that Luke's an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she's up to, it means revenge.

My Review
This book was very funny, and turned out to be the perfect book to read while all of my friends were at homecoming! It definitely took my mind off of not getting a pretty dress - making me laugh, smirk, and smile the entire time I read it instead!

Why did I enjoy it so much you ask?

Well, it pulled me right in from the beginning you see, because Luke Carney is more than Taycee's childhood crush. After ten years she can't get over him, comparing every guy she dates to the image she's had all this time of Luke. I found that to be very sweet, and I loved how it all seemed so realistic. Then we find out that Luke is back in Shelter Springs, and of course there are the hilarious circumstances of the Bachelorette show, and the fact that Shelter Springs needs a miracle. All of this just pulled me in, and come on you'd need a heart of stone not to root for Luke! And she had just sworn off men! But before we get into that...

I found Taycee to be very realistic. Her personality made her seem real and her reluctance to be the Bachelorette even if it was just to save her town? Well, it was very well done. Her sarcasm, humor, kindness, charm, and love of flowers made added so much to the book, making it come off the page. Jessa, Taycee's stubborn know it all friend, added another touch of realness to the book, because I can totally relate (though I'd never ever let them drag me into something like that) - but we're grateful to Jessa, because the plot just wouldn't have been the same without her!

The undercurrent between Luke and Taycee was palpable. She was so determined to guard her heart from him so she wouldn't get hurt again, scheming to get him kicked off the show then attempting to ignore him. Luke? Well, his eyes had just been opened to the grown up Taycee she had become, and he was determined to get to know her no matter the crazy cirmcumstances!

Cue hilariousness! Warning, warning, warning. Get ready to laugh and smile when you read this book!

I loved the parts of the book where Luke and Taycee were together. Their history! They were just so obviously perfect for each other! I was definitely swooning and smiling throughout those parts, and laughing (can't forget to laugh).

This book was lighthearted at times, which was exactly what I needed but there was also just the right amount of depth to it, because let's face it the idea of the reality show the bachelorette, just wouldn't cut it for me - but this was so, so, so much better than a reality show! This book deals with facing and embracing change, letting go and holding on, learning how to trust again, soaring free, and honesty (always important).

I did not want to put this book down, ever - not while I was reading or when I was finished! As soon as I finished though I had to add all of Rachael Anderson's other books to my TBR shelf on Goodreads and I'm sure they'll make to a shelf on my Nook or wall really soon, because after The Reluctant Bachelorette I must have more! Why did this book sit on my shelf for so long? Well done Rachael Anderson!

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