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Unleashed (Heroes of the Horde book #1) by Jennifer Hartz

Unleashed (Heroes of the Horde #1)Unleashed by Jennifer Hartz
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Unleashed Goodreads Summary
Six mismatched students at Deacon Proprietary are about to discover the demonic legend of their school's origin is actually true. Not only have they obtained amazing powers, but they've also unleashed the demonic Horde. Now it's up to these six high school freshmen to stop the Horde before its evil spreads throughout the school and beyond.

My Review
I really enjoyed Unleashed the first book in Jennifer Hartz's Heroes of the Horde series. It was very unique, entertaining, and inspiring.

One of my favorite parts of this book was the shifting between all six main characters perspectives - Shelly, Maggie, Caitlyn, Mike, Cooper, and Jimmy. While multiple character perspectives can sometimes be confusing and take away from the book, they enhanced the unfolding story in Unleashed. All of the characters were unique and I loved getting to know each of them, what  they thought, and more about there lives. The mix of personalities and circumstances made it really interesting and I loved seeing their friendship grow and change throughout the book. There was something that everyone can relate to and enjoy in this book - drama, issues with feeling insecure, courage, love, action, etc., but most of all an amazing friendship between the whole group. The faith displayed by Maggie was amazing, and I appreciated that because she believed in God she was the only one who was able to quote Scripture against the demons.

Each of the six gained different powers, and I loved how they were all based on their abilities or wishes. I also enjoyed seeing how the powers grew and developed as all of the characters worked together to defeat the demons and protect each other. I can't say any more about their powers without giving something away, I can just say that they were really awesome! Also the whole history of the school and the demon inclusion was really unique and the creativity that went into it was pretty amazing. The strength they displayed and how they handled all of that pressure so well was amazing!

I was very glad that this book, even though it contained demons, was not dark at all - I'm not really a paranormal kind of reader in case you didn't know that yet.

Just a warning, I only had a slight issue with one scene, but thankfully it did not go to far.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

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