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Conception (Future Savior #1) by Jennifer Hartz

Conception (Future Savior, #1)Conception by Jennifer Hartz
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Future Savior Book One: Conception
Conception by Jennifer Hartz was a very unique and original book that I really enjoyed!

It's Christina's thirtieth birthday, she's having dinner, and all of a sudden she's in a beautiful field of flowers in a new land called Meric. There she meets Charis who tells her all kinds of crazy things including the fact that Christina is the Savior of Meric, and Shaw who has always guarded her in some form (literally different forms) for her whole entire life who she suddenly has feelings for. But wait, there are also man eating vaipes and multiple other creatures and powers she will have to learn about in order to survive, let alone be the Savior of all of Meric. Her life was turned upside down and shaken up like a can of soda ready to explode! Can you imagine how weird that would be?

Let's start with the characters. Christina had a great sense of sarcastic humor that could make the reader laugh out loud during possibly dire situations, steely determination,  kind heart, strong mind, and hopefully everything that it will take to be the Savior. Shaw the best kind of guard - always present, protective, caring - he's also slightly mysterious, and tries his hardest to be the honorable protector that he promised to be. Charis was very wise. She had visions of what was to happen in the future, and knew just how much to say and how to say it in order to reasure the person without letting them in  in on anything! There were also many more wonderful characters within this book, who played important roles and had a place in the readers heart, but you will have to meet them to find out. I loved the loyalty, trust, and friendships that filled this book and surrounded Christina as she came to terms with everything that was new. Watching her grow in herself and in her Faith was very inspiring!

I loved the unique setting of Meric. The descriptions and all of the different types of creatures were really unique and interesting, especially since they were sometimes different from how we normally think about them - dwarves, elves, fairies, unicorns, colorful horses and other types of animals, and much more!

My only complaint was that cliff hanger. Don't leave me hanging!

This was a story of strength, finding yourself, fulfilling your destiny, friendship, faith, action, love, and more. There is something for everyone in this series, and I look forward to continuing on the journey.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and views are solely my own.

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