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The Movement of Crowns by Nadine C. Keels

The Movement of Crowns (Movement of Crowns #1)The Movement of Crowns by Nadine C. Keels

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The Movement of CrownsGoodreads Summary
At the point when kingdoms’ ideas of humanity differ…
The nation of Diachona is celebrating the twentieth birthday and rite of passage for Constance, the Diachonian king’s daughter and heir. Yet, the pause for festivity doesn’t erase collective doubts about Constance’s aspiration for a place with the men on the National Council, nor does it eliminate fears roused by oppressive threats from a neighboring, powerful empire. Amid increasing rumors of war and personal misgivings about her own future, Constance deems this an inopportune time to be falling in love with one Commander Alexander. Will Providence keep them all through international tensions and the changing of times, or is Diachona watching its territory in vain?

My Review
The Movement of Crowns was amazing! Nadine Keels has a phenomenal skill of creating, describing, and bringing to life Diachona and all of the characters present in this book; as well as bringing about many plot twists, information, and emotional feelings, even though it was only 116 pages long!

Constance was very strong emotionally, and so determined to be a part of the Council. I liked how a lot of the book emphasized her determination and work towards that while still having a relationship with Commander Alexander, and being there for her family.

Staid Alexander and Constance had been friends since childhood, and their feelings for each other grew. They were both very smart and kind, and wanted what was best for the kingdom. Their conversations made me smile, though they were short considering the length of the novella. Though more would have been nice, it still had the same effect and wasn't really necessary.

This was an amazing and intriguing story of a young woman's coming of age journey of faith, hope, determination, and more. It's a must read for all historical fiction fans as well as anyone that wants a shorter story that has everything that a novel has, and definitely one that I would be willing to read again!

I look forward to reading more by Nadine C. Keels in the future!

I would like to thank the author whom I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinion in any way.

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