Monday, March 10, 2014

My Biggest Dream

Sorry guys, I just need to write this!
P.S. This is where I eventually mention two of my favorite songs.

My biggest dream is to go on Mission Trips and spread the word of God to those who don't have the opportunity to learn about God. I realized this dream a couple of years ago, when I realized how compassionate I feel toward people that live in less developed environments (I know it's normally less developed countries but I feel compelled to say environments for various reasons). I was always that person who cried, at least a little, during the history or geography videos we watched in class of people/groups of people living in poverty or being treated unfairly. I always wanted to do something to help them instead of just watching the videos and wishing for the end of poverty. Then you combine the poverty with the realization that they have no way to form a relationship with God, and it is the most devastating feeling that just brings tears to my eyes instantaneously.

These people don't have that everlasting relationship with God, that ever present hope and peace that can only come from God, through the tough living conditions they face day after day. They don't have the chance or the opportunity to get to know him/about him, because they have no one to teach them, no one to tell them about the one who created them and loves them no matter what. The one who sent his one and only son to them to die on the cross and save us from our sins if we only believe in him.

On top of that I feel called to go on a mission trip. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's like this really strong feeling that I'm supposed to go. That it's what God wants me to do. I don't want to ignore it.

Matthew West's song Do Something is an amazing song, and I guess you could say my theme song for this journey I'm going through.

My church is taking a group to Sardu, Romania this summer, on a mission trip to a large group of Roma gypsies, through Great Commissions Europe. I am hoping and praying that I get to go, and I really do feel like God wants me to go (that feeling I talked about before, full volume).

I know that I may not get to go, but if God wants to write a mission trip this summer into the story he is writing on my heart (I also love Francessca Batistelli's song Write Your Story), than I would be perfectly fine with that. My parents and I have talked about it and my mom completely understands how I feel and said that she had never seen my face light up like it did when I was talking about wanting to go on that mission trip. I just know that I feel like there's a light inside of me when I talk or think about it. The biggest issue is that neither of my parents can go (work and extra cost) so we have to find someone that is going who is willing to be my legal guardian for the week and also the money, but if God truly wants me to go and I work for this, I know that he will open up doors and windows to get me there.

I realize that it would be scary to go, it would definitely push me out of my comfort zone, but maybe that would be a good thing. I'm sure it would change my life and outlook on life in a positive way. I know for a fact that I would probably cry, but that I would have a whole new respect for the people in less developed environments, and possibly an even stronger determination to go on more mission trips.

I know I went on a lot about this, but it's something that I feel very passionate about. I just want to help others and give them a chance to learn about God more than anything.

I really could have said a lot more, but I was trying to keep it short! (I know that I didn't really succeed with that)