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Wonderland Weekend
What is Wonderland Weekends? Well, it's a post where I talk about something book related that takes us to "another world" while we're reading. It may be a book that takes place in a new world, a unique country, outer-space, has magic, time travel, etc. or a book world trend, something I see a lot of, something I want to see (or see more of), basically whatever I feel like! I'm going to have one topic each month, and I'll post 1-4 times about it, depending on how much time I have, and what I can come up with. This way, people have the whole month to participate.

I want this to be fun and creative! It would be awesome if you would join in the fun and spread the wordIf you would like to participate, please feel free to write a post anytime during the week (it can be long or a couple sentences, feature a book or just talk about the topic, whatever), link back to this post, and leave your link here - I would love that!  

Wonderland Weekend Posts
August Topic - Books Take Us To Another World

October Topic (starting broader topics):  How do books take us to another world by creating emotions in us? What are some emotions you do and don't like books to cause? Since Halloween is in October do you like scary books? Anything you want to write about scary books, books (or movies) that have to do with Halloween, or weird creatures. (However you want to take it).

November Topic: Thankfulness (anything to do with that and books!)

This is a feature on Wonderous Reviews where I talk about what makes me swoon and what breaks my heart in bookish relationships. These discussions will be randomly posted, and they will each have a specific topic such as best friends to relationship romance or love triangles. 
These are meant to be discussions so I want to know what you guys think too, so please comment and/or feel free to write your own post! This is meant to be fun and full of opinions and discussion (it's okay to disagree, just be polite)!
1. The One

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