About Me

Hi, I'm Lakin an 18 year old senior, and 2015 is my second year blogging,which is SUPER EXCITING! I read constantly, and wish to share my HONEST reviews with other readers, so they can have the pleasure of finding new books to read. I believe that reading is a great way to see and go to new places in your mind, experience things that you will never get the chance to experience (such as historical, dystopian, time travel) and find inspiration. My reviews are honest, I will always try to avoid spoilers (half the fun of reading the book IS anticipation), and have fun writing my review with personality!

I ONLY read CLEAN books! This can include any clean YA books, as well as clean Christian fiction.

Facts About Me
~ I have a black lab named Princess and a cat named Hannah.
~ In 2014 I went on a mission trip to Romania!
~ I play the flute.


I would love to hear your comments! I will reply to all comments that make a reply form in my mind, so if you have a question, comment, or something to say, feel free to do so!