Review Policy

I am accepting, and would love to review ARCs and review books. I also love to do author guest posts, interviews, giveaways, and participate in blog tours.

Physical books are appreciated, but I am also open to ebooks that will work on either Nook's or Kindle's (preferably Nook's but either will work, I just have to read kindle ebooks on my phone). If you would like me to review a book please contact me at with the title, picture, and description for said book, as well as the release date if it is an ARC (please read below for the kinds of books I will accept).

I will try my best to honestly review all books that I receive ASAP. If you would like the book to be reviewed by a certain date please tell me, and that will influence when I get to it.

Please note that I will not write a raving five star review of a book just because I got it for free. I will write my honest opinion. Readers deserve to hear the truth about my thoughts.


I will accept most kinds of YA (as long as they are clean), select adult Christian, Historical, Mystery, Contemporary, select others, as long as they are clean and appropriate, and sound interesting to me!

Some of my favorites are YA, Christian, historical, fairy tale retellings, books that take place in countries other than the U.S., just to name a few!

Thank you! I really appreciate you giving me a chance to review your amazing book by reviewing my Review Policy. Don't forget to email me if you decide to allow me the great honor of reviewing a free copy of your book!


  1. I just got off a smutty blog reviewer site. Nice to know there are some clean ones out there.

  2. Thanks! This is definitely a smut free site, I'm glad there are people who appreciate clean books and reviews!


I would love to hear your comments! I will reply to all comments that make a reply form in my mind, so if you have a question, comment, or something to say, feel free to do so!