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I love doing interviews and getting to know authors better. Since I started blogging, I have learned that authors (at least not all of them) aren't untouchable. They are real people just like us, just with a super amazing talent that can take us to other places, inspire us, introduce us to new friends, and so much more. Below are links to all of my interviews, cover reveals, and other extra bookish/author posts, in alphabetical order based on authors last name.

Alexander, Tamara - A Beauty So Rare - Trailer and Excerptinspiration and reviewCustard recipeMaking of the Dress on the Book Cover 
Axelsson, Carina - The Cinderella Theorem by Kristee Ravan - interview and review

Jamison, Rebecca H. - Sense and Sensibility

Hartz, Jennifer - Interview (author of the Future Savior Series, and Heroes of the Horde series)

Kurtz, Jane - interview (author of Anna was Here, and many other books)

Perren, Jeffrey -  Clonmac's Bridge ispiration for writing

Ravan, Kristee- The Cinderella Theorem by Kristee Ravan - interview and review

~ Williams, Desiree - Heart Song Cover Reveal, Blog Tour Post

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