Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's Talk TV

This is what I categorize my wandering whims under! My mind may be wanting to write about life, blogging, music, movies, or anything under the sun, and if it doesn't fit into one of my other features then, well, here it will goes!

So, let’s talk TV!

I used to not watch very much TV. Hallmark movies a shows, TLC, Full House, occassional random shows and movies, and that was pretty much it. I really didn’t watch much, and I didn’t watch TV very often.
Recently I’ve been watching A LOT of TV! I probably watched more TV last week than I did in all of February! Why? I don’t completely know, other than I’ve found some shows that I really enjoy - and of course I’m going to tell you about them now! From Hallmark to new to me CBS!

(I could totally go into depth, but I really think you should just watch them yourself!)

Hallmark first (because I’m obsessed with that channel)
Good Witch, is fantabulous! I loved the movies, and now I love the new series! Catherine Bell is perfect as Cassie the Good Witch and Bailee Madison is perfect as her daughter Grace! The show is so wonderful and magical. Cassie and Grace always seem to know what to do, and what other people need! There are some awesome character dynamics here!

You seriously just need to go watch Good Witch for yourself!!

And of course the new movies they have been making, and the new movies to come! Can’t wait for Candace Cameron Bure’s movie Bone to Pick to come out. And I’m excited for season 2 of When Calls the Heart!

Recently I discovered a couple of CBS shows that I am now obsessed with! They are pretty awesome! I’ve always loved a good mystery, and I enjoy the mystery + team dynamics.

Scorpion is now one of my all time favorite shows, and favorite non Hallmark show! I love this team of geniuses determined to save the world from nasty criminals! The character dynamics are amazing, and we just keep discovering more about them! I am so thankful that my dad payed for CBS online so I could watch the whole season, and it’s only season 1 so I can catch up:) And I’m almost caught up, I only have 4 episodes left - kind of sad but glad to be caught up.

Seriously, you need to watch this show!

NCIS and NCIS New Orleans
I watched the new show of NCIS last week, and I enjoyed the mystery aspect of it, but I was kind of lost on the character dynamics. Come to find out it’s season 12 - no wonder I was a little confused! I mean, I couldn’t even pick up on names? Daddy, can I finally get Netflix?! Please?! Then I watched the new NCIS New Orleans that night, and again enjoyed the mystery and the team! It’s season 1 so maybe I can catch up there too?

Movies I want to see
Night at the Museum 3

Sometimes I just need a little good, interesting TV after a long day at school! Okay?

So, that’s where I am with TV right now! What shows/movies have you been enjoying? What do you recommend? Is it worth it to get Netflix (to watch on my phone, the sound on my computer still won’t work)?

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