Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fantasy Favourites Read-A-Thon: Cast

Now, a cast for These Broken Stars...should be fun! If my buddy will let me I'll get a picture of him too! I don't think he'll be to shy for the camera though.

(Reading updates to be updated later)

Lilac Larue - Jacqueline Emerson - Red hair, green dress, pale, pretty

Tarver - Theo James - Handsome, dark hair, military type I spent way to long trying to decide on which pictures! Finally I just picked two of the first ones, one with facial hair and one with no, because Tarver does both!
Image result for theo james

And that's pretty much it for characters at the moment. Anna was there for, like, 1 chapter, but they're pretty much on their own at the moment.

Cazien - Colin O'Donoghue! 
My buddy for the week! Yep, he had fun posing for the camera;) I thought this one showed off his charming personality and looks. (Yep, of course it took me forever to choose - you know me so indecisive!)

Who would play the characters in the book you are currently reading?

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