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Fantasy Favourites Read-A-Thon: Pics and Cazien

Today is the very first day of my very first Read-A-Thon! Olivia's Catastrophe and Bookish Reflections are doing an amazing job of hosting this Read-A-Thon, and I just know that we are all going to have a lot of fun with it!

First off, we have pictures. Pictures of books, reading spots, etc., all for your viewing pleasure, and my torment (not really, but maybe seashells in front of my bookcase wasn't quite the smartest idea).

My bookshelf 
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This is my neatest book shelf. I have a lot more books, and way to many ebooks.

My (physical) TBR Pile
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All the books showing on the top shelf, and from The Grass is Always Greener to The Book Thief on the second shelf. Plus way to many ebooks.

Where I'll be reading this week
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If it's warm any this week, I'll be reading all I can at the first pic location. Other than that I'll be reading on my loveseat. (It's still to cool to read at my granparents gazebo.

My blogging space
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In the first pic, we have once again, my loveseat and cozy blanket. And yes that is my blog organizer and my pretty little pen holder (yes it is a gift bag that I got on my birthday, but I thought it was really pretty). On the right, we have my dad's armchair and ottoman that I like to sit in before he gets home, so I can blog and watch tv at the same time. And. yes, that is my computer.

My favourite fantasy book
Anything by Melanie Dickerson (historical fairytales close enough?) Also, the Lunar Chronicles and Tigers Curse saga.

My (physical) fantasy books sorted by colour
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Don't worry, I have more fantasy books than that! I just don't have time to take pics of my ebook fantasies. I was really surprised at how well my fantasy books go together, their colorings look so good together. In case you haven't noticed, that makes me really happy!

My reading material for this week
These Broken Stars (Starbound, #1) Homecoming The Kiss of Deception (The ... 
Here are the fantasy books that I would love to get to this week. Of course I'll be lucky to get one read, considering I don't know how busy I will be. I'll start with These broken stars, which I bought last week, special for this Read-A-Thon and because it has been on my TBR list for while now. Then if The Kiss of Deception is finally available from the Library I'll read that. And I have a review copy of The Homecoming to read.

~ ~ ~ ~
Now, to have some fun answering some questions about the character I would pick to be chained to during this Read-A-Thon.
So... Sticking with a character from a fantasy book, I chose any character from The Eyes of E'veria series - Julien the Knight, Cazien the Seahorse Heir/Pirate, Princess Rynnaia, or fierce Erielle. I feel like it would be fun and interesting to be chained to any of them! For the sake of humor, I'm going to go with Cazien for this, because he so cryptic and witty.

1. Now that Cazien is chained to you, what do you want to force him to do with you? (Assuming you have his consent)
Hmmm. Cazien would have to go on a daily walk with me and my dog, have bookish conversations, tell me all about his adventures at sea, update me on the lives of all my favorite characters from E'veria, give me a hint about what Ms. Chase has in store for us in her next book, and read the same books as I'm reading so we can debate and discuss! He will be very busy;)

2. What books is Cazien reading?
Well, the books about his story, and the books I'm reading of course.

3. You've already spent 12 hours chained to Cazien. How do you feel about him now? Anything irritating you yet?
I like Cazien's humour, but sometimes it can make reading impossible. At times I feel like I'm never going to get anything read this week. But it has been so fun, and I could never call a favorite character irritating!

4. How do you spend your day with Cazien during the read-a-thon?
We take turns reading out loud, and Cazien acts out some of the scenes from the book. We argue and discuss said book. Then tried to take my dog for a walk. For snack we ate chocolate with caramel gelato and popcorn. Cazien also went to school with me (that was an entertaining explaination, let me tell you, but I'll leave that one to your imagination!), and insisted on watching a couple of movies.

5. What would your relationship with Cazien be if you got to keep him after the read-a-thon?
We would be really good friends.

6. Cazien is at your mercy. What have you always wanted to ask him? What does he answer?
Me: Tell me all of your pirate secrets?!
Cazien: Some things are better left unsaid, while some have already been told. If I was to tell you all of my secrets, and therefore become an open book, they would no longer be secrets. For what is a secret if someone else knows about? So, really I have no secrets worth telling.
(See I told you he could be cryptic!)

7. If given the chance to, would you like to go back to Cazien's world after the read-a-thon?
Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to go E'veria and travel everywhere that the books have talked about. It would be so awesome, maybe a little dangerous, and definitely an adventure!

Now it's your turn! What are your thoughts about this? Are you participating in the read-a-thon - if so, leave a link so I can check out your posts!

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