Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life Updates

This is what I categorize my wandering whims under! My mind may be wanting to write about life, blogging, music, movies, or anything under the sun, and if it doesn't fit into one of my other features then, well, here it will goes!

Today, I think I'm just going to spew out current thoughts and what I've been up to lately.

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Let's start with what I'm excited about! - I'm going to Costa Rica on a mission this summer with a group from my Church! I went to Romania last year, and I'm so excited to follow God's plan for me and show His love to others!

I'm having a more positive attitude - I don't know why, but a couple of weeks ago I was just kind of down. I was really stressed and irritable, and that made me feel terrible because I like to be in a good mood. So, last week I returned to sunshiny attitude and I've been looking at the bright side of things! I've been trying to hand all of my worries to God, and trust in Him take care of everything for His good, guide me, and write His story on my heart!

College Visit and Schedule - Friday I went to Admit Day at the College I will attend next fall. I will be living at home and commuting to the College I've always wanted to go to. Friday I got to meet a few of the teachers/leaders in the education department, and schedule my classes. I'm excited to be graduating high school soon, but I'm also extremely nervous. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me with this next life step. (My classes - English 1108, History, Algebra, Intro to education, Intro to Technology).

Studying - I have a College Spanish final this week, and my AP Gov teacher has been giving a ton of quiz/tests, to prep us for the AP exam.

"Friends" - I'm at a weird place regarding friends right now. The people I thought were my friends aren't really true friends - definitely not like the ones I read about in books. I haven't had a best friend since 8th grade. My "friends" that have been my friends in the past are the ones I eat lunch with and I tune them and their conversations out more than I listen to them, we seem to be becoming more and more different. They are always complaining, have negative attitudes, or talk about their boyfriends (and what they do ...) and I just don't want to hear it so I'll literally pull out my phone book, Nook, or a physical book and completely tune them out. I think they get annoyed with me sometimes too, because I'm (in their words) naive and a goody two shoes. I'm not. I am a Christian, and if I don't want to hear and participate in certain conversations and activities than I am not going to - I'm stronger than participating in a conversation I want no part in. I hardly ever talk, and sometimes it's really frustrating because what if I never have a best friend other than God and my family?

Friends - My College English class is full of people that I am semi friends with, and I feel like they are more true friends than my "friends." I feel like they know more about me and understand more way better than my "friends" ever did. I talk to them and laugh with them way more! To be honest they are the better friends!

Reading - I haven't had as much time to read, therefore I'm not reading as fast. Sometimes I just don't even feel like reading.

TV - I've said before that I've been watching a lot more TV lately. I'm so sad that Scorpion and Good Witch just ended their 1st seasons:( I also think that I'm caught up or almost caught up with the current season of NCIS, but it would be so nice if I could watch the first 11 seasons. 

Stress - As one of the top ten of my graduating class, I have to write a speech to give at graduation. I have tests, babysitting, blogging, etc.

*I'm sorry, I know I rambled, but I needed to get all of this out! I'm also not proofreading this, so excuse all of my mistakes, please. (Just so you know, I normally do proofread, lol)

What about you? Where are you at in life right now?

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