Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Popular Authors I've Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we pick the top ten things that we choose for the topic of the week.
Topic - Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

Oh, I shouldn't even do this weeks Top Ten Tuesday! You guys REALLY AREN'T going to like me very much after this! Please don't hunt me down! I'm going to warn you now that I don't read some of the extremely popular books, and some of them I probably will never read. I just don't get the whole vampire werewolf thing, and I don't like scary books at all. I'm just glad I read some Rainbow Rowell a few weeks ago, and some Veronica Roth last week (talk about embarrassing)! Sooo

Stephanie Meyer - That's right! I have never read the Twilight series, and to be honest I don't plan on reading it. I know that pretty much everyone loves them, but they just doesn't sound like my kind of books.

Suzanne Collins - I have never read the Hunger Games, and I don't plan on reading them anytime soon if ever. I know! I know! I guess I just have a unique taste in books.

John Green - Sounds so sad.

Tahereh Mafi - I might read sometime, but haven't yet.

Marie Lu - Just never really thought about reading them.

C.S. Lewis - I probably should read these, but haven't yet.

Markus Zusak - I want to read this, but I'm sure it's really sad. I'm also sure it's really good, and I will definitely read it someday.

Jennifer L. Armentrout - Everyone seems to like it, but I'm not a huge paranormal fan.

Cassandra Clare - I just never decided to read it.

Richelle Mead - I think I can honestly say that I will never read, they just aren't my kind of books.

So what authors do you think I just have to read (trust me there are other popular authors I  haven't read, these are just the first ones I could think of). Some of these you could probably talk me into reading (a few I want to read anyway) but there are a few that I'm pretty dead set against reading, so let me know!

What popular authors have you not read? (I know mine's ridiculous, so you can at least give me one big one, right) Is anyone with me on any of these?

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